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What Is New in RedFire?

The flame of war is ignited again in the new version of RedFire. New battles, new maps and new system await you to explore. Let's take a sneak peek at them!


New Maps

After defeating the entire enemy NPCs in the battle maps New York and Fujiyama, you can move forward to fight in the new maps Yokohama and Santa Monica, in which you may hire the Leeb, Morshead, Bingham and Cherdenko as your General.


If you have defeated the final NPCs Bingham in the Yokohama, you can further upgrade your HQ to Lv 120.


New Battle--Foray Battle

When you reach Lv 80, you will find the entrance icon of the Foray Battle at the upper right corner in the Base interface. There will be 5 scenes in the Foray Battle: Easter Island, Vorkuta, Odessa, Pearl Harbour and Ethering. You can gain Credits and different quality of Energetics equipment from different scenes after defeating the NPCs.

New System--Energetics System

Energetics system has been added in to provide more powerful equipment for players to improve their strength. These kinds of equipment own 3 Piths at most after activating. Each activation can endow the equipment with a new attribute, Mettle Blow, Mettle Block, Vim Blow, Vim Block, Nerve Blow or Faculty. If you are not satisfied with the attributes, you can reset them to gain better attributes.


For more updates, please stay tuned to RedFire Home and Forum. Enjoy yourself!