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New Warfare Starts on Sept 20th

The long-anticipated update of RedFire's Lv 120 version with new warfare is scheduled to be implemented at 02:00 on Sept 20, 2012* for about 1 hour. The server of RedFire will then be shut down for the updates. If the updates fail to be completed on time, the resumption of the game will then be delayed accordingly. Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated.

Details of the Updates
1. Change the Feats consumption and Blow & Block bonus of the Rank in the Promote panel.
2. The maps Yokohama and Santa Monica will be opened.
3. After defeating the NPC Bingham, players can upgrade their HQ to Lv 120.
4. The Energetics system and Foray Battle will be added in.
5. Fix the problem that Difficulty in the Daily Mission will decrease infinitely after resetting or completing (Currently the maximum decreased amount will be the Highest Difficulty Completed-1), and that players can reset missions after accepting (Now they can only reset after completing or canceling the missions).
6. Increase the damage of the skill Retaliate, Stab, Punch, Dash and Raid.
7. The Feats earned from the Faction War will be increased.
8. The Feats gained from defeating the player of other Faction will be increased.
9. Players can type at most 80 characters in the chat box.

02:00:00 Thur. Sept 20, 2012 (CDT, Server Time);
00:00:00 Thur. Sept 20, 2012 (PDT);
03:00:00 Thur. Sept 20, 2012 (EDT);
07:00:00 Thur. Sept 20, 2012 (GMT).