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Purchase for Finesteel & Darksteel

In order to celebrate the upcoming Lv 120 version, RedFire will deliver free Finesteel or Darksteel for players who purchase 300 or more Gold. Opportunity comes only once. Now or never!

Duration:00:00 on Sept 19 to 00:00 on Sept 22, 2012* (3 days)


Server:ADVENT (S1)



1. During this activity, players can accumulate their purchase of Gold to 300 or more to win Finesteel (Default) or Darksteel as rewards, every 300 Gold for every 30 Finesteels or Darksteels.

2. There is no limit on how many Gold you purchase. We will figure out the rewards you deserved according to your accumulated purchase amount.

3. Accumulated purchase amount is counted from 00:00 on Sept 19 to 00:00 on Sept 22, 2012* and only Gold gained through recharging will be counted.

4. If meet the requirement, players can send a Ticket for us to choose which reward they prefer, Finesteel or Darksteel, within 3 days after the activity ends. For example, if you have accumulated the Gold to 600, you can choose 60 Finesteels/60 Darksteels/30 Finesteels and 30 Darksteels.


Click the Link Below to Purchase Gold!

>>>>>Get Gold<<<<<


Rewards Deserved = Accumulated purchase of Gold/300 (The remainder is lopped off) *30

For example, if you accumulate your purchase of Gold to 610 Gold, you will get 60 Finesteels or 60 Darksteels in total. (610/300=2 and 2*30=60).


Ticket Format (For example)

Game: RedFire

Server Name: S1-ADVENT

Select a topic: Activity Inquiry

Subject: Purchase for Finesteel &Darksteel

Details: I want 30 Finesteels and 30 Darksteels!

Click HERE to send us a Ticket for your rewards!

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Rewards Delivery

Players will get the Gold they purchase immediately. Rewards will be delivered to the account of the eligible players between 3 and 15 working days after the activity ends.


* Note

Start Time

00:00:00 Wed. Sept 19, 2012 (CDT, Server Time);

22:00:00 Tue. Sept 18, 2012 (PDT);

01:00:00 Wed. Sept 19, 2012 (EDT);

05:00:00 Wed. Sept 19, 2012 (GMT).


End Time

00:00:00 Sat. Sept 22, 2012 (CDT, Server Time);

22:00:00 Fri. Sept 21, 2012 (PDT);

01:00:00 Sat. Sept 22, 2012 (EDT);

05:00:00 Sat. Sept 22, 2012(GMT).