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Gold Offer for Columbus Day

In celebration of the Columbus Day, RedFire is going to offer free Gold to those who accumulate their purchase of Gold to 300 or more. Buy Gold and Win Gold now! It only lasts 3 days! You may get the biggest reward of 3200 FREE Gold.


Duration: 00:00 on Oct 8 to 00:00 on Oct 11, 2012* (3 days)


Server:ADVENT (S1)



During this activity, if players' accumulated purchase of Gold reaches the following amount, they will receive a big BONUS of Gold after the activity ends.




1. Accumulated Purchase of Gold is counted from 00:00 on Oct 8 to 00:00 on Oct 11, 2012* and only the Gold gained through recharging will be counted.

2. Eligible players can only receive one reward for their highest accumulated purchase amount. For example, if you have accumulated your purchase amount to 1,000 Gold during this activity, you will receive100 Gold, NOT 130 Gold.


Rewards Delivery

Players will get the Gold they purchase immediately. Rewards will be delivered to the account of the eligible players between 3 and 15 working days after the activity ends. Players will also receive an in-game mail as notification.


* Note

Start Time

00:00:00 Mon. Oct 8, 2012 (CDT, Server Time);

22:00:00 Sun. Oct 7, 2012 (PDT);

01:00:00 Mon. Oct 8, 2012 (EDT);

05:00:00 Mon. Oct 8, 2012 (GMT).


End Time

00:00:00 Thur. Oct 11, 2012 (CDT, Server Time);

22:00:00 Wed. Oct 10, 2012 (PDT);

01:00:00 Thur. Oct 11, 2012 (EDT);

05:00:00 Thur. Oct 11, 2012 (GMT).