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RedFire Open Beta Testing Kicks off!

Redfire, a warfare strategy MMORPG on ClapAlong, is about to launch its Open Beta Testing (OBT) at 21:00 on April 5, 2012*. During the OBT period, everyone is invited to join in the game. To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable gameplay, we will give away bountiful gift packages for all players. Check us at and enjoy the game freely.

Redfire is set in the conceivable world war III with a great variety of sophisticated high-tech weapons and thousands of valiant generals. Featured with magnificent warring backdrops and realistic audio effects, it immerses you immediately into a war times where great heroes stand out of nations to save the world from catastrophe. Here you can select your favorite generals, nuclear or biological weapons, become the lord of war after defeating all the formidable enemies, or save the world from cult of killing. It’s all your choice!

The game provides players with fascinating war elements including thousands of troop types, dozens of dazzling general skills, general evolution system and refining function, etc. Mastery of these elements helps you achieve faster game progress ahead of other players! If you have any problem in gameplay, contact us and we will offer our help quickly!

* Note
21:00:00 Thur. Apr 5, 2012 (GMT+8; Perth Time);
06:00:00 Thur. Apr 5, 2012 (PDT);
09:00:00 Thur. Apr 5, 2012 (EDT);
13:00:00 Thur. Apr 5, 2012 (GMT).

Redfire Team