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How to Earn Feats

Feats are an essential part in Redfire. It helps you earn a higher Rank, increase your number of hirable Generals and the number of Conquerees allowed in the game.

Main methods to earn Feats are summed up as follows.
1. Defeat Players
You can defeat players of another Faction to gain Feats. Feats to be gained in the attack is affected by the player's hostility, level gap between players at war, Corps Resplendence, and Faculty Loss.

2. Invest
You can invest in your own City in the World interface to gain Feats. The more USD you invest, the more Feats you can gain.

3. City Battle
You can enter into City Battle to gain plenty of Feats. Both the winners and losers in the Battle can gain Feats. Of course, if you have won the fight or even have several straight wins, you can gain a lot more Feats in the Battle.

4. Levy Event
When you levy in HQ interface, you have chances to run into a Levy Event, and after you have selected the right reply, you can gain a small amount of Feats.

5. Daily Gift
For the first 5 days since your first login, you can receive Daily Gift every day and have chances to receive some Feats.

6. Join Arena
Enter into Arena interface; if you keep undefeated for a required period of time or have defeated a player in the Ranking, you have chances to gain a large number of Feats.

7. Donate Credit
Click into Promote interface of HQ, and you can donate Credit to gain Feats.