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Array Deployment

Array Introduction
In the game we have 8 Arrays. Details are listed below.

After you upgrade Academy to a specified level, new Array will become available. Enter Academy and click Tech and you can check all Arrays available for you.

Array Deployment
1. Upgrade 
You'd better upgrade at least 2 Arrays. It makes you have another Array to select if your Generals are restricted in the battle.

2. Selection
Arrays differ in their effects on the battle. Arrays like Manipulation, Exculpation, Knavery engage Generals loosely in the battle, where they will not easily be restricted. However, Arrays like Obliteration, Devastation engage Generals densely where they can inflict destructive damages in the battle, but with odds to be dominated completely. So in a practical battle, you ought to adapt Array to your own General features, and change Array when you fight with different enemies.
3. General Arrangement
It’s better not to engage 5 skill Generals to the war in light of efficiency. Usually Skill Generals will cooperate with Generals of Tank troops to increase overall combat ability and efficiency.

4. Fight Order (Attacking Side)
7  4  1
8  5  2
9  6  3
When you are involved in a battle between players, the attacking side always starts the first attack. In a fight, a General attacks the enemy force facing directly to him. After all the enemy forces in a vertical line are eliminated, you will attack the enemy forces next to them until one side wins in a fight.