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How to Earn Credit

Credit accounts for an essential resource in the game. Players have to spend a large amount of Credit to upgrade Academy, leap General EXP and Evolve Attributes of Generals, before they chase violent NPC forces in the Campaign or manage to defeat other mighty players.

We have several ways to accumulate Credit in the game, detailed introduction is shown below.
1. Defeat NPCs
Enter into Campaign and defeat certain NPCs to gain Credit. It's the most important way to gain Credit. The lower you HQ level, the more Credit you can get in a battle after you defeated the NPC.

2. Daily Gift
For the first 5 days since your login, you can receive Daily Gift every day, with odds to get Credit.

3. Daily Mission
After your HQ reached Lv 40, you can complete daily missions to gain Credit. It's another important way to gain Credit in the game. The more difficult the daily mission, the more Credit you can get upon completion. 

4. Join Arena
Enter into Arena interface; if you keep undefeated for a required period of time or have defeated a player in the Ranking, you have chances to gain a large amount of Credit.