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Tax Questions and Their Rewards

1. Weird Armor
A: Find an engineer to crack it. >>> Loyalty +7
B: Destroy it. >>> Loyalty +5, USD + (HQ Level*8) 

2. Law and Order
A: Spare him. >>> Gold +3
B: Make an example out of him. >>> Feats + (HQ Level*4) 

3. Enemy General
A: Start a decapitation. >>> Loyalty +6, Feats+ (HQ Level*4) 
B: Do patient persuasion. >>> Loyalty +8

4. Joyful Day < A cheerleader unit is in town. Do you accept?>
A: No. >>> Feats + (HQ Level*4), Loyalty+4
B: Yes. >>> Loyalty +6

5. Shame or Dignity
A: Uphold integrity. >>> Loyalty +6
B: Go with the flow. >>> Loyalty +4, USD + (HQ Level *13) 

6. Nuclear Secret
A: Use aircraft to aim and attack. >>> Loyalty +5
B: Deploy ground units to thoroughly search and assault. >>> Loyalty +4, Feats+ (HQ Level*4) 

7. Family Duties
A: Stay till the war ends. >>> Number of Levies +1, Feats+ (HQ Level*4) 
B: Family comes before anything. >>> Loyalty +6

8. Loveless Destiny
A: Give them my blessings. >>> Loyalty +7
B: Tear them apart using my military leverage. >>> Loyalty +5, Number of Levies +1, Feats+ (HQ Level*1) 

9. Unusual Complaint
A: I'll rethink my management structure and make improvements. >>> Loyalty +7
B: I'll punish anyone who talks behind my back. >>> USD + (HQ Level*10), Feats+ (HQ Level*4) 

10. Surprise Attack
A: Launch immediate assault. >>> USD + (HQ Level*8), Number of Levies +1, Feats+ (HQ Level*4) 
B: Plan to capture them alive and make them talk. >>> Loyalty +6 Levy CD- 20

11. Bad Mouth
A: Call on a meeting to clear the air. >>> Loyalty +6
B: Punish those who are heard to have complained. >>> Loyalty +4

12. Espionage
A: Hear all he says and then follow his suggestions. >>> Loyalty +10
B: Punish severely because you believe no good comes from a traitor. >>> USD + (HQ Level*10), Number of Levies +1

13. Ruins Reconstruction
A: Dispatch your troops to help rebuild the city. >>> Loyalty +8
B: Leave some food and move on with your military ambitions. >>> Loyalty +10

14. Mad World
A: Keep them in order. >>> Gold +4
B: Leave them to the harmless fights. >>> USD + (HQ Level*15) 

15. Making Choices
A: Stop the expedition immediately. >>> Loyalty +5
B: Keep marching forward until there is no one left to battle. >>> Levy CD- 30 mins, Feats+ (HQ Level*4) 

16. Good Thief
A: Give him time to argue for innocence. >>> Loyalty +6
B: Make him pay for his crime first. >>> Feats + (HQ Level*4) 

17. Border Issue
A: Give the victims proper care by setting up shelters. >>> Loyalty +7
B: Repel them with violent actions. >>> USD + (HQ Level*10) 

18. Gold Mine
A: Hand out to all soldiers who have earned it. >>> Gold +4
B: Keep the Gold yourself for rainy days. >>> Loyalty +7

19. Fast Reinforcement
A: Dispatch reinforcement without any consultation with your committee. >>>
Loyalty +4, USD + (HQ Level*10) 
B: Call on a meeting to discuss the matters thoroughly. >>> Loyalty +6

20. Strategic Decision
A: Lead your troops to break out from one side. >>> Loyalty +5, USD + (HQ Level*30) 
B: Spread out and retreat immediately. >>> Loyalty +7

21. Best Escape
A: Destroy the weapons first before retreat. >>> Loyalty +5, Number of Levies +1
Loyalty +7
B: Leave everything behind and make a run for your life. >>> Loyalty +5, Number of Levies +1
Loyalty +7

22. Handsome Harvest
A: Purchase the crops from the villagers. >>> Loyalty +8
B: Plunder the entire village. >>> USD + (HQ Level*10), Number of Levies +1

23. Strange Object
A: Shoot it down with heavy fire. >>> Loyalty +8
B: Try to communicate with radio device. >>> Feats+ (HQ Level*4), Loyalty +5

24. Bad Weather
A: Dispatch troops to repair the dam. >>> Loyalty +4, USD + (HQ Level*15) 
B: Starts immediate evacuation. >>> Loyalty +6, Feats+ (HQ Level *4) 

25. Plague Season
A: Send people you best military doctors and save as many as possible. >>> Loyalty +6 Number of Levies +1
B: Dispatch troops and start immediate evacuation. >>> Feats + (HQ Level *4), Levy CD- 30

26. Save Scientist
A: Save them. >>> Loyalty +6
B: Just entertain the thought but do nothing. >>> Loyalty +4, Feats+ (HQ Level*6) 

27. Bad Form
A: Stop the violation and try them at martial court. >>> Loyalty +7
B: Handle this privately. >>> USD + (HQ Level*15), Number of Levies +1

28. Save Ryan
A: Go save Ryan at all cost. >>> Gold +3, Feats+ (HQ Level*6) 
B: Appease Mrs. Ryan that honor is more important than death. >>> Loyalty +6, USD + (HQ Level *10) 

29. Bold Advice
A: Listen to the public and go through with the idea. >>> Feats+ (HQ Level*8), USD + (HQ Level*15) 
B: Take no risk and abolish the plan. >>> Loyalty +7

30. Political Intrigue
A: Do not comply because you feel yourself unworthy. >>> Feats+ (HQ Level*6), Number of Levies +1
B: Make a speech that inspires the whole nation. >>> Gold +3, USD + (HQ Level*10) 

31. Territorial Dispute
A: React with strong military presence. >>> Gold +7, Loyalty +6, Number of Levies +1
B: Give proper political pressure. >>> USD + (HQ Level*20), Levy CD- 30